ABCD 2019

Disruptive Technologies for Strategic Superiority:

Can the West Win the Defence Technology Race?

29-30 October 2019 

Tallinn, Estonia




ABCD is an invitation only event. We will disseminate information about the topics and goals of the conference to the press. Media engagements are coordinated by Triin Oppi, Head of Communications at ICDS, at or +372 502 5120.


Chatham House Rule

Our guests are free to use the information or opinions disclosed to them, subject to the following two conditions:

  1. Neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speakers, nor that of any other participant at that meeting may be revealed; and
  2. It may not be divulged that the information was received at that meeting (conference).



Our official Twitter handle is @ICDS_Tallinn. Respecting the Chatham House Rule, we will be tweeting live from the conference only with updates on the agenda, photos, and more. We encourage you to tag our Twitter handle in tweets related to the conference or our organisation. The official hashtag of the conference is #abcdtallinn2019.



The ICDS.Tallinn Facebook page features photos from the conference and updates on the agenda.



We provide official photos for use via ICDS’s Twitter and Facebook channels during the conference. All photos in print quality will be uploaded as soon as possible to ICDS Flickr account and are free to use. Please mention copyright “©ABCD Conference 2019 / Andres Teiss” when using.



Do not hesitate to contact Triin Oppi, Head of Communications at ICDS, at or +372 502 5120 if you have any questions about ABCD 2019 communication.