Lessons for the Baltic Sea Region from the War in Ukraine

The Annual Baltic Conference on Defence (ABCD), 21 September 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia

Venue: Nordic Hotel Forum (Viru väljak 3, Tallinn)


President Putin’s full-scale attack on Ukraine has had many consequences. First and foremost, it has brought tragedy to millions of Ukrainians. In terms of transatlantic security, many more Europeans have realised that their countries may soon have to respond to Russia’s aggressive behaviour by employing military power. The EU has demonstrated a significant amount of unity and resolve, adopting waves of heavy sanctions against Russia’s leadership, financial institutions, media outlets and oligarchs, and providing military and financial support. NATO has taken swift decisions to strengthen its deterrence and defence posture and to reassure its eastern members. The US has resumed its strong leadership in European security. Germany has radically changed its security and defence policy, including by deciding to spend 2% of GDP on defence and to export lethal weapons to Ukraine. Finland and Sweden are more closely aligned with NATO than before. What lessons have we identified? What will the longer-term consequences be?

At ABCD 2022 we will discuss:

  • Russia’s war against Ukraine;
  • The response of the EU, US and NATO, including military and non-military;
  • Military lessons identified;
  • The role of US leadership;
  • The role of the EU;
  • The significant changes in Germany, Finland and Sweden;
  • The role of Western support;
  • The role of Poland;
  • Implications for Baltic defence.