Topic 2015

ABCD 2015

Who’s Afraid of Hybrid Warfare?

Russian aggression against Ukraine has not only been a game-changer in the European security landscape but Russia’s active use of a mixture of conventional and unconventional means and methods has made fashionable the term of “Hybrid Warfare”.

Russia has employed in Ukraine a range of operations, tools and strategies, combining different subversive tactics with kinetic actions. The use of proxies; information, psychological and cyber warfare; diplomatic, political and economic pressure has been combined with covert and overt use of military means. While pursuing this unacknowledged war, Russia has demonstrated an ability to strategically co-ordinate various military and non-military means at its disposal.

It is often claimed that this presents a novel way of warfare to which the Western community of nations in general, and organisations like NATO and EU in particular, are not prepared to respond effectively. Yet similar methods have been used in the past as well and hybrid warfare itself is not, in fact, something new.

The ABCD 2015 will analyse these developments and assess the character and meaning of this type of complex conflict. The conference will elaborate on how to better respond to threats facing us and how to deter and defend against actors employing hybrid warfare.